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sador to China, and Prof. Huang Jing,▓ Dean of the Institute of International and Region▓al Studies at Beijing Language and Culture University to have ▓an hour-long discus


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sion and debate on the four to▓pics - the conflict of civilizations, th▓e competition of civilizations, the ▓origin of civilizations, and the future of▓  civilizations.



The forum is co-produced by the four national television networks, and is scheduled to be broadcast at the same time by the four TV channels on Nov. 28, 2018. Jiang?/p>


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?Heping, Deputy Director of the News Center of CCTV and Controller of CGTN, Leonidas Rokanas, Greek Ambassador to China, Gautam Bambawale, Indian Ambassador


 to China, and Hussein Ibrahim, Cultural C▓ounselor of the Egyptian Embassy in Chi▓na attended the launching ceremony▓ on Nov. 15 and delivered keynote speeches.Jiang pointed out that today&rsquo▓;s world has banished the ‘Clash

of Civilizations’ to ▓usher in dialogue and communication. Bot▓h the past and the present have show▓n that good communication among civilizations are usually the times when conflicts and wars are under effective control. In Ch▓ine

se civilization, the essentia▓l values of mutual appreciation and harmony stress kindness, love and good neighbourliness. However, at the same time, we also recognize the importance of tolerance and inclusiveness. As a country with a

well-preserved and uninterrupted history, we feel it more deeply how th▓e common development of many different civilizations form the foundation of a diverse com▓munity. All civilizations are equal ▓and they should be equally respected

and appreciated. While handing down our own civilizations, we shoul▓d also safeguard and promote th▓e diversity of fellow civilizations, whi▓ch represent the common historical and c▓ultural legacy of humanity.According to Jiang, Dialogu

e of Civilizations ▓is a brand new program launched by CGTN. Against the rise of anti-globalization and nationalism, Dialogue of Civilizations▓ will serve as multicultural platform. With▓ hosts and guests from ancient and modern civiliza

tions, in the format of television de▓bate, the program aims to shed new light on the rise and fall of civilization, alert us to the dangers of the clash between civ▓ilizations, and examine world ▓politics and international relations fro

m▓ a fresh perspective.Indian Ambassad▓or Gautam Bambawale stated in his speech that India’s vision and approach t▓o the world can be summed up in one phrase &▓ndash; “the world is one family”. He said India believes t

here must be a▓ dialogue of civilizations among people who lo▓ok differently, speak different languages,▓ believe in different religions.Greek Ambassador Leonidas Rokanas emphasized that civilizations are the key to not only understand

ing how the world evolved, but a▓lso how it is moving forward. He believes t▓hat civilizations were created, evolved and co-existed through dialogu▓e. He praised the TV forum as a wonder▓ful and pertinent initiative, especially when ▓the

re are many discussions about politics, economics yet few discussions about culture and civilization. Egyptian Cultural C▓ounselor Hussein Ibrahim introduced the long history of Egypt and▓ concluded that civilizations need cooper

ation and dialogue, which must be facilitated through languages, bridges, peop▓le-to-people exchange, and collaborative initiatives such as &ldq▓uo;One Belt One Road”.China Global Television Network (CGTN), which was launched on

December 31, 2016, is a multi-language and multi-platform media grouping, with ▓six principal TV channels –namely CGTN English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian and CGTN Documentary. It also contains three overseas regional prod

u▓ction centers in North America, Africa and Europe, one video news agency and one new media cluster dominated by mobile news network. Its TV channels have reached more than 170 countries and r▓egions, and the number of followers of

new media platforms has reached 140 million. Covering the whole▓ globe, CGTN adheres to the strategy of "TV focus, mobile first". It portr▓ays the world from a Chinese perspective, and tells China’s story from an international 

perspective.Nile TV International is a public Egyptian television channel. It is the first Arab satellite channel to broadc▓ast its programs in foreign languages: English, Fr▓ench, and formerly Hebrew. Nile▓ TV International is broadcast

on fo▓ur satellites, allowing for its transmission to reach the whole Arab ▓world, Europe, and the United States.ERT S.A. Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation is the state-owned public radio and television broadcaster▓ for Greece锛寃hich

began broadcasting in 1938. It contains three TV channels, 4 national radio stations and multiple local stations. It is also seen as "th▓e cornerstone of Greek culture".New Delhi▓ Television Limited (NDTV) is an Indian▓ television med

ia company founded in 19▓88. It is one of the most-watched TV stations in India, which is al▓so more influential in South Asia. Its "NDTV 24x7"▓ channel is considered to be the most popular and reliable English news chan▓nel in India.Pl

ease scan the QR Code t▓o follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatNews Analysis: British PM set to press ahead with Brexit plan despite political crisisNews Analysis: British PM set to press ahead wit▓h Bre

xit plan despite political crisisNews Analysis: British PM set to press ahead with Brexit plan despite politic▓al crisis11-16-2018 08:50 BJTLONDON, Nov. 15 (Xinhua) -- Embattled British Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday vo▓wed to

press ahead with her Brexit plan on the basis of a draft ag▓reement between London and Brussels, despite a political crisis looming l▓arge over the hard-won deal, including ministerial resignations within hours earlier in the day.The

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e Brexit as mandated by the 2016 referendum."The choice is clear. We can choose to leave with no deal," she told th▓e lower parliament house. "We can risk no Brexit at all. Or we can choose to unite and support the best deal that can be negotiated: This deal."Hours later, she told the news conference in her Downing Street residence that "the course I have set out is the right one." Furthermore, she added: "I believe with every fibre of my being -- the approach is right." "I am going ▓to do my job," said May, who repeated in public that she will work very hard to deliver Brexit, ruling out her own possible resignation.However, her statements wer▓e not effective at this moment in he▓lping her win over those who publicly opposed her Brexit plan, including former Foreign Secr▓etary Boris Johnson.Words even began to spread in the London political and media circles that Joh▓nson was among several hopefuls within her Conservative Party to succeed her in coming weeks, according to the media reports here.Hosti▓le attitude has been on the rise

among g▓overnment and opposition parliament members as t▓ime went by after her public speeches, raising the risk that the deal would be▓ killed in the parliament.A new round of political▓ fighting kicked off on Tuesday at the news that Britain and the Euro▓pean Union just reached the draft agreement. And the political crisis will be further deepened with the more powerful push ▓by the prime minister to go ahead ▓with her Brexit plan des

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pite strong op▓position inside her own political party and parli▓ament.To deliver Brexit in the light of her plan, the prime minister needs to get green lights from both the British parliament and the remaining 27 European Union member states▓.Therefore, a question crops up at this ▓juncture: can the prime minister be still lucky enough to survive the coming crises before t▓he Brexit deadline?May survived the political crisis one after another since s▓he came to office in 2016, including the loss of two Brexit secretaries.Earlier Thursday, British Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and British Work and Pensions Secretary Esther Mc▓Vey resigned to withdraw their support for the dra▓ft agreement.The resignation of Raab, a rising st▓ar

who was brought in to keep Tory Brexiteers on board, was seen as the biggest blow to the p▓rime minister.Worse still, the massive resignations were followed by eurosceptics in▓ May's Conservative Party, who, led by Jacob Rees▓-Mogg, sought a non-confidence vo▓te in the prime minister.The draft deal ▓was "wo

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